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shamanic practitioner sitting in nature
Reiki Drumming Practitioners

My Story

My name is Mel Krippene and I am a certified Usui Holy Fire®️ III Reiki Master, Holy Fire®️ III Karuna®️ Reiki Master through the International Center for Reiki Training and a Shamanic Practitioner in Andean Shamanism. I currently study at the School for the Shamanic Arts in Glendora, CA., and have received initiations for the Mesayoq and Pampamesayoq Rites as a caretaker of the Earth, ceremonialist, mesa carrier, and ultimately, a healer of others.

In 2017, I dedicated myself fully to the spiritual path, following in the footsteps of my Native American ancestors from Central Mexico and the curanderas (medicine woman) in my lineage, by being of service to others and aiding in their healing journey. 

Alongside me is my husband and co-facilitator, Barry, who is also certified as an Usui Holy Fire®️ III Reiki Master. In our 22 years together, growing spiritually has been the most beautifully rewarding experience. As we journey on our path, we realize that our ability to elevate our life state through our work allows us to aid others in doing the same.


We have 2 boys, 2 dogs, and a grandson!

shamanic practitioner/reiki healer walking in nature
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